WarGames: WOPR

Platform: iOS, Android —

WarGames: WOPR

That’s right, it’s a licensed game based on a 30 year old movie! In WarGames: WOPR, the War Operation Plan Response computer is hacked by David Lightman who proceeds to engage in games against the artificial intelligence. Things get a bit out of hand, though, and the struggle nearly sets off World War III. In the movie it’s all about man versus machine, and you know exactly who wins. In the game, you play as the computer fighting against those do-gooding humans as you attempt to fill the world with freshly launched nuclear missiles. And what better way to play out that attack than in an RPG-inspired puzzle game? Tagged as: android, beradentertainment, game, ios, ipad, iphone, kindle, mobile, puzzle, rating-y, rpg, tablet

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